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    Sandblasted crystal.
    Design Mats Jonasson


    Ø=90 mms / 3,5'' H=60 mms / 2,5'' Candle Holder - £22.00

    Ø=140 mms /5,5'' H=50 mms / 2'' Bowl Medium    - £26.00

    Ø=190 mms / 7,5'' H=60 mms /2,5'' Bowl Medium - £43.00

    Ø=250 mms / 10'' H=75 mms / 3'' Bowl Large        - £59.00

    The product is handmade in Sweden and signed


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  •  Mats Jonasson


    Mats Jonasson’s talent as a designer attracted attention early on, when he started work as an apprentice engraver at the glassworks in 1959. Over the next few decades he worked with many of the most respected contemporary glass artists in Sweden. During this period, he developed that natural style of his which he’s since perfected.

    "Our forests have captured the hearts and minds of people since time immemorial", says Mats. Inspired by the natural world around him, he has opened his mind to create his distinctive masterpieces in the finest Swedish crystal. Nowadays, this son of the glassworks is represented all over the world.

    Robert Ljubez

    After escaping the horrors of war in Bosnia, Robert Ljubez ended up in Sweden at the end of 1992. Experiences from engraving and drawing combined with an artistic talent led to a job at the Glassworks in 1996. At first, Robert Ljubez worked as an engraver, but he soon became Mats Jonasson’s right hand man.