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    Ink on Board

    Size 10 x 15 cm.


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  • Angela Chalmers

    "I am interested in making images that attempt to balance opposites such as 'control and chaos', 'organic and synthetic', and 'beautiful and grotesque'. My paintings evolve through a method of pouring and dripping a limited palette of water-based media onto selected handmade and plastic-coated papers. The intrinsic qualities of the water-based media are allowed to flow, alchemically marbling into organic form and line. The works on Melinex aim to create a visual tension between the sensory qualities of a tactile and lustrous surface against opposing textures painted on the reverse. By simultaneously working with earth coloured inks and utilising the plastic nature of the support allows these paintings to convey elements of resilience and decay. I am drawn towards the 'uncanny' and often try to convey an unsettling feeling or some kind of undercurrent to my work."

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