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Evfa Attling was taken on as a pupil at one of Sweden's foremost silversmiths. After a 12 year career as a model for Eileen Ford and then as a singer and song writer, she turned back to design and has been designing jewellery for her own brand. Amor is her first collection for Orrefors.

'Amor Vincit Omnia', love conquers all, is engraved on the silver ring around the stem at the foot of the glass, along with her signature. A perfect gift symbolising eternal love. Luxurious packaging. The tall Champagne flute is also available in a special edition on which the white-gold ring is embellished with 36 sparkling diamonds.

Champagne Coupe 21cl. H. 115 mm Dia. 110 mm 2-pack

Champagne Flute 18cl. H. 230 mm Dia. 49 mm 2-pack

Champagne Flute 18cl. H. 230 mm Dia. 49 mm 2-pack - Diamond Edition 14 days availability - ask for details.


“With care” refers to the handling of the glasses, as they are very thin. We recommend dishwashers with rubber or plastic holders from wineglass stems to prevent vibration and bumping against other glasses. Modern phosphate-free dishwasher detergent with a rinse aid are ideal for our finest crystal glasses purchased after 1997, when we improved the recipe of our glass melt. The water temperature should not be too high: select the mild or environmental programme, which is a shorter programme that washes at about 50°C. Orrefors worked with the Swedish Glass Research Institute and the soap manufacturer Grumme to develop Grumme Dishwasher Detergent for optimal results. Otherwise we recommend Finish All in 1 Max and Yes Powerdrops. Glasses with metal features/decor/handles must be separated before washing.

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