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    Oil on Linen

    101 x 101 cm. 

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  • Georgina McMaster

    One of Scotland's brightest artists who uniquely examines an important aspect of our natural environment. Often using a largely blank canvas as her background, she makes the animal the prominent, significant subject bringing out its personality and character. She then uses the eye as a device to engage with us. The whole effect is very cleverly constructed and she achieves, and we get, a relaxed relationship with our new friend.

    "I predominately paint in oil on canvas, sometimes with the background of the canvas blank to draw the focus purely on the animal and sometimes introducing a suggestion of the landscape.  Capturing the character and soul of the animal in their eyes and the softness of the fur or feather is what I endeavour to create in my work”

    Shipping included throughout the UK either by courier or by specialist art carrier if the latter delivery could be up to two weeks.